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Based in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, HHSL Safety Systems Limited, is THE ONLY OPITO Certified Safety Training Centre 100% owned and operated by Nationals of Trinidad & Tobago.

HHSL Safety Systems Limited is the only Safety Training Organisation in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region to hold ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Quality.

A subsidiary of Hummingbird Helicopter Services Limited, HHSL Safety Systems Limited is a company dedicated to the provision of QUALITY safety training, consultancy and related services geared in the main but not limited to the petrochemical industry.

Principal and founder, Capt. H. Anthony Vieira a 10,000+ hour helicopter pilot, has been involved in safety training since 1984 when the then AMOCO saw a need to offer its workers some measure of open sea survival training. Capt. Vieira conducted this training programme from its inception.


In 1998, Hummingbird Helicopter Services Limited was the first company to introduce Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) to Trinidad and Tobago and the region. Hummingbird as we are familiarly known has since become well known for its signature delivery of HUET and other internationally recognised and certificated training programmes.

In 2001 due to an increased demand for training, Capt. Vieira was approached by BP to supplement their basic safety training needs. In support of the BP initiative, Hummingbird commenced offering both a four (4) day basic safety programme and a two (2) day refresher. For this purpose RGIT Montrose of Aberdeen Scotland, audited and approved the Company as the only other company besides themselves recognised in Trinidad & Tobago to conduct BP TT LLC basic safety training.

With a successful audit from an internationally recognised training organisation in hand, a growing track record for reliability, quality, efficiency and exceptional customer service, Capt. Vieira continued to steer HHSL Safety Systems Limited along a path of development that saw the Company bidding for and being one of three (and the only Company 100% owned and operated by nationals of Trinidad & Tobago) from an initial group of seventy-two (72) to be awarded the BPTT Basic Safety Training contract.

The BPTT training contract award signaled the beginning of the realisation of a vision for HHSL Safety Systems Limited that would see the relocation of offices to a more appropriate site and heavy reinvestment into the upgrade of plant and equipment in 2005 to include the purchase of state-of-the-art training simulators in a 6 place METS (Multiple Egress Training Simulator) complete with indoor pool and crane operation, and a fully computerised fire training simulator with flashover capability. The fire trainer is the only equipment of its kind in the Caribbean region and South America.

Reinvestment in plant and equipment and upgrade in facilities and skills would not suffice. Revenue earning potential needed to be supported by international recognition. To this end, and having proven our capability thus far to a diverse clientele, the development path continued with HHSL Safety Systems Limited and its group of outstanding professionals embarking on the pursuit of OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation) certification in 2005. After successfully undergoing grueling desktop, facilities and training audits, HHSL Safety Systems Limited was granted OPITO certification in November 2005.