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Fire Warden Training

Aims & Objectives:

  • The role & responsibilities of a Fire Warden/Marshall
  • To develop an appreciation of the primary reason for fire prevention
  • The basic elements required for combustion
  • The methods of extinguishing different types of fire
  • Fire Classification
  • Understand the principals of combustion, fire and heat transfer
  • Appreciate the main causes of workplace fire and preventative strategies
  • To understand the different types of warning & detection strategies
  • To understand how to evaluate emergency escape routes
  • Be introduced to the various fire extinguishers in the work place and how to use the effectively
  • Discussion regarding local arrangements


Upon Client’s Request.

Validity of Certification:

Valid for a maximum period of Thirty-Six (36) months


British Standards Institute


Eight (8) Hours




HHSL Safety Systems Limited Training Facility