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Helicopter Landing Officer's Training

Responsibilities of the HLO - Working Practice:

  • Before landing
  • After landing - rotors running turnaround
  • After take off
  • Deck control
  • Loading of freight
  • Dangerous goods


  • The phonetic alphabet
  • Numerals
  • Requirements for emergency action
  • Standard words and phrases
  • Helicopter operations information
  • Routine passenger safety briefing
  • Emergency briefings
  • Marshalling signals


  • Wind
  • Visibility
  • Pitch and roll
  • Weather

First Aid:

  • Trauma treatment in emergency
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Bleeding
  • Shock
  • Burns


Upon Client’s Request.

Validity of Certification:

Valid for a maximum period of Thirty-Six (36) month.


Eight (8) Hours


Knowledge of Phonic Alphabet.
Certificate in First Aid, Firefighting & Dangerous Goods Training.


HHSL Safety Systems Limited Training Facility

Note: Participants who hold a valid Basic HSE Training for Offshore/Onshore Certificate or T-BOSIET Completion Certificate will be exempted from First Aid Training as well as Firefighting Training.

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