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Further Offshore and Emergency Training (FOET)

Course aims and target group:

To provide further offshore safety and emergency training for personnel working in the offshore oil and gas environment, this training will be inline with the UKOOA Guidelines for the Management of Competence and Training in Emergency Response. This training is applicable to personnel working in temperate climates.

Course Content:

Emergency Breathing Equipment

  • The donning and operating of the Emergency Breathing Equipment

Helicopter Safety and Escape Training

  • The donning of a transit type survival suit, aviation lifejacket and emergency breathing systems (EBS)
  • The operation and use of EBS during pool exercises
  • The action in preparation for a helicopter ditching and emergency landing
  • Actions following:
I. A controlled emergency descent onto dry land
II. A controlled ditching onto water
III. A partial submersion of an aircraft
IV. A capsize of an aircraft

Sea Survival Training

  • The donning of a permanent buoyancy lifejacket prior to use in an emergency
  • The fitting of a helicopter strop and correct body posture during wincing

Fire Fighting and Self Rescue Techniques

  • Use of the appropriate hand held fire extinguisher
  • Use of a small bore fire hose reel and fire blanket
  • Appropriate self-rescue techniques using a smoke hood and escape type breathing apparatus


One (1) Day

Prerequisite and Scheduling Criteria:

Holder of a BOSIET Certificate


HHSL Safety Systems Limited Training Facility.


Due to the physical demands of the course, it is the responsibility for the employer and participant to assess the participant’s ability to safely attend the Course.