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Tropical Further  Offshore Safety  and Emergency Training (TFOSET)

Course aims and target group:

To provide further offshore safety and emergency training for personnel working in the offshore oil and gas environment where water temperate is 15 degrees Centigrade or higher.

Course Content:

Safety and the Environment

  • Best work practice updates
  • Safety Management Systems

Helicopter Safety and Escape Training

  • The donning of an aviation lifejacket
  • The action in preparation for a helicopter ditching and emergency landing
  • Actions following:
I.    A controlled emergency descent onto dry land
II.    A controlled ditching onto water
III.    A partial submersion of an aircraft
IV.    A capsize of an aircraft

Sea Survival Training

  • The donning of a permanent buoyancy lifejacket prior to use in an emergency
  • The fitting of a helicopter strop and correct body posture during wincing

Fire Fighting and Self Rescue Techniques

  • Use of the appropriate hand held fire extinguisher
  • Use of a small bore fire hose reel and fire blanket
  • Appropriate self-rescue techniques using a smoke hood and escape type breathing apparatus


One (1) Day

Prerequisite and Scheduling Criteria:

Holder of a TBOSIET certificate


Due to the physical demands of the course, it is the responsibility for the employer and participant to assess the participant’s ability to safely attend the Course.