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Confined Space - Entry Supervisor

Course Overview:

This course will cover entry supervisor responsibilities outline in the regulations. This includes: Duties of entry supervisors, completing the permit and opening the space, Making & Terminating the Entry, Emergency procedures, Contractors.

Course Content:

  • Entry Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Entry Supervisor Duties
  • The Permit Process
  • Acquire the Permit
  • Inspect the Permit
  • Before Opening
  • Opening the Space
  • Making the Entry
  • Transferring Authority
  • Terminating the Entry
  • Emergencies
  • Contractors
  • Case Study


2 Years


One (1) Day - (Theory & Practical)


Participant must have completed Entry Attendant Course


HHSL Safety Systems Limited Training Facility or Venue convenient to Client upon request.

Start Time:

7:30 A.M.


The Length of the class will vary based upon the existing knowledge of the students and the hazards they may encounter in their work environment.